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Texas Criminal and Parole Attorneys Blog About Texas Criminal Law Issues

The Houston criminal defense attorneys at Topek & Topek Attorneys at Law blog about interesting legal developments in Texas criminal law. We write short pieces that address the issues facing Texans accused of committing crimes. We also write about the Texas parole process and the laws that affect Texans accused of violating parole or probation terms.

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How does the Texas Parole Board make a decision? How much discretion do they have?

A Texas Parole lawyer gives explains how the parole board makes their decision and the wide amount of discretion they have when choosing to grant or deny parole

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Texas Parole Lawyer explains Parole Interview and gives some pointers

An experienced Texas Parole Attorney explains the Institutional Parole officer parole interview and gives some tips to Texas Inmates.

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The Texas Parole Board considers over seventy thousand inmates for parole per year. A Texas Parole Attorney discusses these numbers

An experienced Texas parole attorney discusses the large numbers of parole reviews done by Texas Parole Board offices each year.

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