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Help, I am on probation in Brazoria County Texas and I am having problems. A Brazoria County Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses

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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

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    When you took probation it seemed like a chance to minimize the consequences of your mistakes.  If you are on deferred adjudication you have a chance to avoid a final conviction and the possibility of sealing your record from the public.  Now you may be facing a motion to have your probation revoked.  If a Brazoria County judge has signed that motion you need an attorney to defend you against those allegations in court.  As experienced Brazoria County probation violation attorneys we can defend you against the allegation and work to avoid having your probation revoked.

    Often when defendants accept community supervision they barely pay any attention to the long list of rules they are agreeing to live by and the many things they will have to do in order to be successful.  Sometimes their lawyer on the case failed to discuss the level of commitment successfully completing probation can take.  Many people on community supervision in Brazoria County start with good intentions and at some point find themselves overwhelmed.  Standard conditions of supervision in Brazoria County include but are not limited to:

  1. Not to break any laws of city, county, state or federal government
  2. Not to drink alcohol, use illegal drugs or abuse legal drugs
  3. Stay away from places that sell alcohol to drink on the premises.
  4. Report to your supervisions officer
  5. Be employed or in school
  6. Remain at home during curfew hours
  7. Complete community service
  8. Take breath test and urinalysis when requested

    If your probation officer believes you violated one of the above conditions they can ask the judge to sign an arrest warrant on a motion to revoke your probation.  Your community supervision has not been revoked just because the judge in Brazoria County signed this.  Your probation has not been revoked until a judge makes a decision that you violated your parole and what should happen as a result of this violation.   You have rights that must be respected prior to a judge revoking you probation.  If there is a motion to revoke your probation or deferred adjudication in Brazoria County you need to hire an attorney who can defend your rights and work to avoid a probation revocation.  The judge has many options based on the types of violations you face.  Even if a violation did occur it does not necessarily mean that your probation will be revoked.  We will work with you, your probation officer, the district attorney and the judge to work out a conclusion to the allegations that does not include revocation and jail time.  In cases where continuing on probation is no longer an option we will try to minimize any jail time you may face.  You need an aggressive Brazoria County defense attorney to defend your rights.  We have experience representing those accused of probation violations in Brazoria County.  It is a mistake to simply ignore the problem.  Please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030.  Please fill out our secure online contact form with any questions you may have and a criminal defense attorney with experience handling Brazoria County probation violations will contact you shortly.

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