Topek and Topek is a Harris County Criminal Defense firm with decades of experience representing juveniles and helping families through the dificult and confusing Juvenile Justice System.

The Juvenile Justice System is confusing and has the potential to impact a child beyond what many parents imagine.  A Juvenile arrest has the potential to impact a child's future including their ability to find a job and their future educational opportunities.

Your Child Belongs at Home

If your child was arrested and is currently being detained we can help you.  A child is entitled to regular hearing to determine if they should be able to return to their home.  We will work with you to create a plan that will ensure the court that the juvenile will go to Harris County Juvenile Court as required and will be adequately supervised to ensure the safety of the child and community.

Protect Your Child's Future

When a juvenile is charged with a crime there is a lot at stake.  Often families mistakenly believe that because it is a Juvenile matter they do not need to hire a lawyer.  They mistakenly believe the consequenses will be minimal and the system will teach the child a lesson.  Punishments can range from being kept from their family in a detention center and being sent to the Texas Youth Commission or can include different types of probation.  The consequence most often forgotten is the impact that a criminal record can have on a child and their future.

Hire an Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney

At Topek and Topek we have decades of representing Juveniles accused of commiting crime in Texas.  Your child needs an experienced Juvenile defense attorney to protect their rights and protect thier futures.  If your child has been accused of any crime including one of the following you need to call an attorney.

  1. Juvenile Drug charge: Juveniles can be arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.  Often the charges are made more serious because the arrest occurs in a Drug Free Zone.
  2. Juvenile Assault: Juveniles can be arrested and charged with assault.  Often parents think of these as just a fight between kids but the Texas Juvenile Justice system takes the seriously.
  3. Property Crimes: These can range from small shoplifting cases to burglary charges.
  4. Violent offenses: Juveniles can be charged with aggravated assualt, aggravated robbery, robbery and other serious offenses.

If your child has been charged with any of these or other offenses it is important that you speak with a defense attorney as soon as possible.  Even if your child has not been arrested or charged with a crime but you are concerned they may be arrested you should contact us and we can help guide you through the process.  You and your child should meet with an attorney and should not speak with an attorney without an attorney being present.

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