Getting out of jail. It’s what you want, right? It’s what your family wants for you, right? But how are you going to do it?

Chances are you need the help of a knowledgeable Texas parole lawyer. The experienced father-son team at Topek & Topek, Attorneys at Law, helps people who are seeking parole and those who are facing parole revocation.

We help Texas clients get out of prison on parole.

Our Texas parole lawyers advocate for prisoners who are eligible for parole. We begin by meeting face-to-face with a new client, no matter where in the state the person is located. We meet to discuss the client’s background, his activities while in prison, and his plans for the future. We review the client’s criminal case record and prison record.

Then, we develop a plan that is uniquely tailored for that client. We compile information to create a comprehensive presentation for the parole board. Our goal is to give the decision makers relevant, compelling reasons to release our client. For example, we might discuss:

  • Our client’s qualifications for parole.
  • How our client has learned from his mistakes.
  • How our client has rehabilitated himself while in prison.
  • How our client has accepted responsibility for his actions.
  • Our client’s plans for what he will do upon release, including his plans for living arrangements and employment.
  • Our client’s plans for a support system.

At Topek & Topek, we know each client’s case is different. That’s why we prepare unique and persuasive arguments personally designed for each client.

We help clients who face returning to prison for alleged parole violations.

We also help clients who have been accused of violating parole terms. We provide these clients with a defense against the allegations they face. We then work hard to persuade the decision makers that these clients deserve to remain free.

If you’ve been accused of violating the terms of your parole, you need an experienced and educated team on your side who understands the law, who knows how to spot the weaknesses of the case, and who can advocate effectively for your rights.

Contact our Houston parole attorneys for help. We travel across the state of Texas to represent prisoners in parole matters.

If you have received notice that you will be eligible for parole soon, contact us. Likewise, if you have been accused of violating the terms of your parole and you are worried that you may be sent back to prison, contact us. Our compassionate father-son team will work hard to get you the outcome you desire. You may reach us by filling out the secure online form, or give us a call today:  (888) 661-5030.