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We Let Our Criminal Defense Clients Brag On Us

As Texas criminal defense attorneys, we work hard to get our clients the outcomes they desire, whether the desire involves freedom on parole or the dismissal of a charge. That’s why we love to hear them brag on us.

If you have ever been to prison you know how frightening the first few days are. No contact from your family, not even knowing if they know where you are. What I didn't know was as soon as I was sentenced my family began searching for the right attorney to help me get out. On the fourth night of my prison stay I received a notice that I would have an attorney visit the next morning. Seth was there and he assured me he would do everything in his power to get me out on my first parole and he did. 


Then I traveled back to another county six hours away from Houston for a bench warrant and Seth was not even representing me there but again he showed up to give me advice on the charge and to let me know he was working hard on my parole, it was not going to be easy but he was confident we would prevail 


The most important thing he did for me was to keep my elderly mother and my sister informed on every single aspect of my parole. Then he PERSONALLY showed up at my parole board hearing. Not just a parole pack, a few calls and hope. He followed thru every single step of the way. 


If you have a loved one in a Texas prison you understand that there is nothing more important then getting them home. I would not hesitate to recommend Seth to do just that. 



A very satisfied FREE woman!


I'd like to thank you for the good job you did at my parole hearing.  I know its rare for anybody to make their first parole, and it's especially hard to make parole with a case like mine, but you made it happen and I will always be grateful for what you did for me.  Thank you both.  I will tell everyone I know who's coming up for parole to write you.  I'll give them your contact info and tell them how you have helped be.  I'll also let them know that every case is different but you'll do everything you can to get them out.  If you ever need to use a reference so people can ask about you, I'll do it no problem.  Mr. Topek thank you.  You made the difference in the parole panels decision to grant me parole.


When I was arrested, my family called Topek and Topek. I was a visitor in Houston then, knowing nothing of Mr. Stanley Topek's excellent reputation, but it only took one conversation for me to know that I was in good hands. Mr. Topek listened carefully to my case, taking the time to answer my questions, and most importantly, he got me the results I was after. I walked into his office thinking I was going to jail; instead, Mr. Topek had my case dismissed before it ever went to trial. 


When I first spoke to Mr.Topek I was simply a hysterical mess. My boyfriend had just been taken from our home in handcuffs, and I was left standing there, scared and clueless (never a good combination). Mr. Topek was incredibly patient with me, asking pertinent questions, and explaining what we needed to do.

Both Stanley and Seth were in constant communication with me, and my boyfriend.  They gave me incredible personal attention, answering ALL of my questions, returning every phone call and addressing my concerns, even the ridiculous ones.  I knew exactly what to expect in Court because Seth had taken me though it step by step  the day before.  The outcome was better than I had hoped and I know, without a doubt, it's because we had such professional, competent, and knowledgeable representation.  

Thank you, gentlemen.  You exceeded expectations that I didn't even know  that I had! 

Client's wife who wishes to remain anonymous

My experience with Topek and Topek has been absolutely outstanding. They always took time to answer our questions with detailed explanations and supplied us with a lot of useful information. The office is very professional with friendly staff. I received constant updates on the development of our case. That same day I got in touch with Topek and Topek, they were ready to take my case. The first time I spoke with them, I could not believe that an attorney could be so nice and treat you literally like a friend in trouble. I was related to on a personal level and throughout all the ensuing complications with my case, they were standing next to me like someone who truly cared and fought to get the case dismissed. They were very honest with me and explained all the good and bad sides of every further development. The office was also very responsive every time I had a question or concern. They are a fabulous team to work with and I truly appreciate their representation of me.

Topek and Topek have been there every step of the way offering ideas and alternatives to mitigate my situation. The bottom line is that I am well pleased and recommend the Topek and Topek team to my family and friends.

Client wishes to remain anonymous