My experience with Topek and Topek has been absolutely outstanding. They always took time to answer our questions with detailed explanations and supplied us with a lot of useful information. The office is very professional with friendly staff. I received constant updates on the development of our case. That same day I got in touch with Topek and Topek, they were ready to take my case. The first time I spoke with them, I could not believe that an attorney could be so nice and treat you literally like a friend in trouble. I was related to on a personal level and throughout all the ensuing complications with my case, they were standing next to me like someone who truly cared and fought to get the case dismissed. They were very honest with me and explained all the good and bad sides of every further development. The office was also very responsive every time I had a question or concern. They are a fabulous team to work with and I truly appreciate their representation of me.