It’s a slippery slope.

Once you become involved with drugs, it’s easy to slide into trouble—deep trouble. Good, upstanding people may find themselves in predicaments that they never would have expected to be in. They may find themselves facing drug charges and prison time. This is especially troubling when the person is just a kid. Getting involved with drugs as a teenager can drastically impact one’s life for a long time.

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If you find yourself facing drug charges, or if you’re the parent of a teenager who has been accused of committing drug-related crimes, you need the advice of an experienced Texas defense attorney. Our experienced father-son team defends Texans against drug charges, whether those charges concern street drugs or prescription drugs.

We help clients accused of:

  • Marijuana possession
  • Cocaine possession
  • Possession of other illegal drugs
  • Drug distribution, drug sales, or drug trafficking
  • Manufacturing of drugs

We are sensitive to our clients’ needs.

We represent adults and juveniles who have been accused of drug crimes. We know these charges affect not just the accused person, but also the person’s entire family. We are sensitive to the needs of families who face drug crimes. We understand the emotional issues at play in these matters.

We also understand the juvenile justice system and how to advocate for a young person accused of a drug crime. We believe that we are doing more than just defending a teenager against a drug charge; we are also protecting the teenager’s future.

The impact of a criminal conviction for a drug-related crime cannot be overstated. That’s why we fully investigate each case to build the strongest defense possible. We even go to the police station to see the alleged evidence. We work to minimize consequences, and we explore all negotiation opportunities.

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If you need an experienced Texas criminal lawyer on your side, call our father-son team. We offer clients something different: personal attention and straightforward legal advice. We don’t run a business based on maintaining a high volume of cases, because we want to give each client’s case the attention it deserves. We devote significant resources to each matter, and we have the time to answer our clients’ questions directly. We also speak the truth. We don’t believe in telling clients what they want to hear—we believe in telling them what they need to know.

We represent clients in criminal proceedings in the counties of Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Montgomery, Wharton, Colorado, Waller, Liberty, and Washington. To speak with an educated, compassionate defense attorney, contact Topek & Topek, Attorneys at Law, at (888) 661-5030.