When I first spoke to Mr.Topek I was simply a hysterical mess. My boyfriend had just been taken from our home in handcuffs, and I was left standing there, scared and clueless (never a good combination). Mr. Topek was incredibly patient with me, asking pertinent questions, and explaining what we needed to do.

Both Stanley and Seth were in constant communication with me, and my boyfriend.  They gave me incredible personal attention, answering ALL of my questions, returning every phone call and addressing my concerns, even the ridiculous ones.  I knew exactly what to expect in Court because Seth had taken me though it step by step  the day before.  The outcome was better than I had hoped and I know, without a doubt, it's because we had such professional, competent, and knowledgeable representation.  

Thank you, gentlemen.  You exceeded expectations that I didn't even know  that I had! 

Client's wife who wishes to remain anonymous