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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    Probation was a chance to stay out of jail and to move on with your life after making a mistake.  If you were given deferred adjudication in Galveston it was a chance to avoid a final conviction and an opportunity to seal your record from the public.  Unfortunately, some defendants in Galveston will accept a plea deal for probation without fully understanding the level of commitment that will be required of them.  To be a successful probationer often takes a real change of lifestyle.  Many probationers with good intentions find themselves quickly overwhelmed and make mistakes.  Some mistakes are worse than others.  Common violations in no particular order are:

  • -    Failing a drug test
  • -    Falling behind on community service
  • -    Falling behind on court fees
  • -    Failing to report to your probation officer
  • -    Traveling outside of your county of residence without a travel permit
  • -    Failing to take an ordered drug test
  • -    Failing a test for alcohol use

    If you are on probation and your Galveston probation officer believes you have violated a condition of your probation they will present this information to the court and ask the judge to sign an arrest warrant on a motion to revoke your probation.  Just because a motion to revoke your probation has been signed, this does not mean that your probation has been revoked.  Your probation cannot be revoked until it has been proved to the judge that you violated a condition of your probation and the judge believes that the proper punishment for your violation is that you be taken off probation and sentenced to jail.  The judge can also modify the conditions of your probation in many ways including extending your probation, ordering you into a drug program or ordering you to be committed to the Galveston County Jail as an additional condition of your probation.  You need an aggressive Galveston defense attorney to defend your rights if they are trying to revoke your probation.  We have experience representing those accused of probation violations in Galveston.  We will fight to defend your rights and defend you against the allegations.  If you have made a mistake we will present a defense to minimize the consequences of your mistake.  It is a mistake to simply ignore probation violations.  If your freedom and future are at stake as a result of a probation violation contact us now for a free consultation.

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