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How many times can a Texas offender be considered for parole?

Seth Topek
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    I have recently recieved a number of calls from families saying that they heard an offender can only be considered for parole two or three times before having to serve the rest of their sentence.  There is no limit like that in any of the laws governing parole.  We have been hired to represent offenders who have been turned down more that three times and have had success in many of these cases by presenting the board with information they had not recieved in the past.

    There is no limit to the number of times an inmate in TDCJ can be considered for parole.  The number of times an inmate can be considered for parole will depend on the length of the sentence and the decisions of the Texas Parole Board.  An offender will first be considered for parole upon their parole eligibility date.  The parole eligibility date for the vast majority of offenders is either when they have received credit for one quarter of their sentence or, on more serious offenses, after they have served half of their sentence.  After they are eligible they will be reviewed again at their next review date.  For many offenders the next review date will be the following year but for some offenders it can be up to five years later.  At the following review date the parole board can again set off the offender and that can continue to happen until they are given a serve all to complete their sentence.  Additionally, most offenders will be considered for mandatory supervision at some point during their incarceration.

    This area of parole law can be confusing.  Just because someone has been turned down for parole one or twice does not mean that you can not help them make their next parole.  If you have questions about a specific case please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 or fill out an online contact form and an experienced Texas Parole Lawyer will contact you shortly.  Our offices are in Houston but our parole practice take us across the State of Texas.  As Texas parole lawyers we handle Dallas parole cases, Austin parole cases, San Antonio parole cases, Midland parole cases, Fort Worth parole cases, McAllen parole cases, and numerous other cities and towns across the State.  Please contact us if you want to know what you can do to help someone with parole.

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