There is no limit to the amount of times an offender can be considered for parole.  In Texas there are three ways out of prison:

  1. Parole
  2. Completion of sentence
  3. Pardon or having the offense overturned

    Based on a question I was recently asked there may be a rumor circulating that an offender has only three chances to be granted parole.  The type of offense will determine when an offender will be eligible for parole and the parole boards decision will determine when an offender will be reviewed again if they are denied parole.  Many offenders are reviewed every year and at the offender’s mandatory supervision date.  Other offenders can be set off for up to five years.  Additionally, depending on the factors of the case, an offender can be given a serve all.  

    If you have questions about parole or are trying to help someone obtain a positive parole vote please fill out an online contact form or call us on our toll free number for a free consultation.  Our office is in Houston and we represent offenders in prison units across the state of Texas who have families in Dallas, Fort Worth, Midland, Odessa, San Antonio, Austin and numerous other cities and towns.

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