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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    In Houston, Galveston or anywhere in Texas, before your parole is revoked you have rights that must be respected.  

    You have the right to a hearing where a neutral hearing officer reviews the evidence and makes a determination in regards to whether or not you violated a condition of your parole.  You should never waive the right to a parole hearing.  When your parole officer gives you the information regarding why they are trying to revoke your parole they explain that you have the right to a hearing.  Some parole officers will try to talk you out of having a hearing saying that it merely the delays the decision and does not affect the outcome.  Some parolees, especially if they are in jail or about to be taken in to custody, unfortunately waive their hearing.  

    If you waive your hearing you won’t have a chance to present evidence to a neutral and detached hearing officer, present witnesses in your defense or cross examine witnesses, including your parole officer, in order to call into question the evidence against you.  In exchange for waiving those rights you receive nothing.  There is no reward or points given for waiving your hearing.  As experienced Texas parole attorneys we represent parolee’s accused of violating their parole in Galveston, Houston, Conroe, Fort Bend County, Brazoria County and Montgomery County.  We have had numerous cases where parole officers are unable to present sufficient evidence or their witnesses fail to come to the hearing and as a result there is no finding of a violation.  In every case there is a defense and it never hurts to present the Texas Parole Board with that defense when your freedom is on the line.  Additionally, at the parole hearing we are given the opportunity to present evidence regarding why the person should be continued on parole even if they did violate a condition.  We will often call character witnesses and provide information to the hearing officer that they would otherwise not have.  A parolee should never waive their right to a parole hearing.  If your freedom is at stake and you need an attorney to defend your rights and fight for your freedom please contact us.

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