If you are on parole in Texas, you may face the unfortunate circumstance of being accused of violating your parole. If that happens, you may be worried about your future? What will you do? What are your rights?

Once you’ve been detained for allegedly violating your parole, a parole officer will interview to gather information and to inform you of your rights. Keep in mind that you DO have the following rights:

  • To hire an attorney, or have one appointed to you by the state.
  • To subpoena any witnesses through the parole officer.
  • To cross-examine and question any opposing witnesses.
  • To request a hearing to conclude what, if any, terms of your parole were violated.
  • To review all material and evidence submitted regarding your alleged violation.
  • To speak directly with a hearing officer to present any evidence supporting your position.

That sounds like a lot of rights, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled. The parole revocation process is confusing and daunting. You will need someone with experience and knowledge on your side to help you navigate those rights. You will need help to ensure that you receive the best possible chance at avoiding a return to prison.

If you have been accused of violating the terms of your parole in Texas, contact Topek and Topek, Attorneys at Law. We are an experienced and compassionate father-son team of parole attorneys who are committed to helping people stay out of prison. You may reach us by filling out a secure online form or by calling (888) 661-5030.

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