An offender can be reviewed and granted or denied parole while still in a transfer unit.  When an offender is first transferred from county jail to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice they go to a transfer unit.  Some examples of transfer units are the Holliday Unit, Duncan Unit, Gurney Unit, Plane State Jail, Dominguez State Jail, Garza East and Garza West Unit, Marlin and San Saba.  Offenders can stay at these units for up to two years.  Although there are differences between transfer facilities and non-transfew facilities, the transfer facilities still offer courses and we encourage our clients to sign up for any courses they can even though they may not be there for an extended period of time.  It is common on short sentences for an offender to become eligible for parole while still in a transfer unit.  Transfer unit's have institutional parole officers and the process will begin and go forward in the same way whether an offender is a transfer unit or not.  We regularly represent individuals at transfer units and if you or a loved one is serving a short sentence the sooner you contact a parole attorney to advocate in your interest before the parole board the better.

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