Institutional Parole Officers are employed by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and are assigned to Texas Department of Criminal Justice Units.  They interview incarcerated offenders before their parole eligibility date at prisons, county jails and wherever needed as part of the preparation of Parole Case Summaries.  There are approximately 200 Institutional Parole Officers in the state of Texas.  The institutional parole officer plays an important role in preparing the offender case summary.  The case summary will have information about an offender’s record in prison as well as their criminal, social and psychological history.  This information is culled from reports as well as from an in depth interview with the offender.  The parole officer will ask questions about the offenders past, present and future.  The questions can seem pointed when going over past criminal offenses, possible gang affiliation and drug use.  Questions are also asked regarding the offenders accomplishments in TDCJ, plans if paroled and the IPO verifies information they are told by offenders.  Additionally, as the on-site parole officers they answer offender’s questions, process the letters informing offenders of the parole board’s decision, provide information to offenders regarding parole, and provide district parole officers with information regarding the offender.

    If you have questions regarding the parole officers at prisons or how to help someone with their interview with a Texas Institutional Parole officer please contact us.  If you have questions about the parole interview of an offender it is time to consider hiring an experienced Texas parole attorney before time runs out.  As experienced Texas Parole lawyers we can help the offender and their loved ones do as much as possible to help someone obtain parole.

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