We advise people to hire a parole attorney as far in advance as possible.  On longer sentences we recommend a year before their parole eligibility date; on shorter sentences it is best to start as early in the process as possible.  The sooner we are contacted the sooner we can start helping our client.  It is not uncommon for us to have an initial consultation with a client while still in county jail and before being transferred to a prison unit.  There are numerous reasons to avoid waiting.  Hiring an attorney often helps give an inmate a greater degree of focus in regards to what they should be working on during their incarceration as well as some guidance as to what will help them gain parole.  Additionally, to do our job properly it is necessary to meet with an inmate and their support system several times.  It takes time to obtain the necessary information and for families and loved ones to complete the tasks necessary to helping an inmate.  Each case is different, every client ended up incarcerated for a complex set of reasons and every client has a specific parole plan and different reasons why they will be successful on parole.  We want to make sure that the parole packet submitted on our clients’ behalf is as thorough as possible and gives the parole board as many reasons to grant parole as are available.  It is important that we deliver the parole packet to the parole board by the required dates.  Please contact us if you have questions regarding when you should hire a Texas parole attorney.

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