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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    If you have a loved one at the Marlin Unit and have questions regarding parole please contact us at 713-651-1444 for a free consultation.  The Marlin Unit is a transfer facility located about thirty minutes south of Waco, TX.  The majority of offenders at the Marlin Unit are serving sentences of under five years for a drug related offense.  Although it is a transfer unit many offenders receive their first parole review while at the Marlin Unit.  I have found that occasionally family members wait until an offender is transferred to a regular unit to contact us and unfortunately it may be too late for us to do an effective job.  This is because if an offender is serving a sentence of five years or less they will be eligible for parole when they have been incarcerated for less than eight months.  On a two year sentence a person is eligible after serving roughly three months if they receive all their good time.  Effectively representing an offender includes visiting the offender two or three times as well as obtaining necessary documents and information and the earlier you contact a parole attorney the better.

    The Marlin Transfer Facility is located at 2893 State Hwy 6, Marlin, TX 76661.  They offer classes including GED classes, Cognitive Intervention and CHANGES.  We recommend taking as many courses as possible.  They also have religious studies and a faith based dormitory. Offenders at the unit will be considered for parole by the Gatesville Parole Board Office.  The Texas parole process can be confusing and can seem overwhelming when you or a loved one is going through it.  It is my belief that having an experienced parole attorney familiar with the Texas Parole Board can be an asset.  Our job is to ensure that the parole board is given every possible reason to release an offender on parole and to explain why that person will be successful.  We strongly advocate for our clients before the board and are always available to answer questions regarding our work or the parole process.


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