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    As experienced Texas Parole Attorney’s we represent offenders in and around Gatesville and before the Gatesville Parole Board.  The Gatesville Parole Board is one of six regional parole offices that decide whether offenders are paroled.  They decide the cases of offenders in Bartlett State Hail, Crain Unit, Estes Unit, Havins Unit, Hilltop Unit, Hobby Unit Hughes Unit, Kyle Unit, Linsey State Jail, Mou ntain View Unit, Murray Unit, San Saba, Travis County Jail and Woodman State Jail.  Many of these units are women’s units.  Currently, the Gatesville Parole Board Officers are David G. Gutierrez, the Board Member, and Elvis Hightower and Troy Fox are Parole Commissioners.

    If you have a loved one at any of the above listed units or whose case you think will be decided by the Gatesville Parole Board please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 or fill out an online contact form for a free consultation.  We would be happy to answer any questions you have about parole and the services we offer.

    We understand that every single inmate in TDCJ is there because of a specific set of causes and that their future success will be based on a specific plan that addresses those causes.  Given the numbers of cases the Gatesville Parole Board decides every week it can be helpful to have an advocate who has researched the case and is able to make a strong presentation to the board why an offender should be released and will be a successful parolee.  We believe it is equally important to keep members of an offender’s support system informed and knowledgeable about the Texas Parole Process.  If you have questions about Texas parole eligibility, Texas mandatory supervision or any aspect of parole please call us and an experienced Texas Parole Attorney will answer your questions.