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    In August of 2013 the Texas Parole Board considered 6295 offenders for parole.  2,237 were granted parole.  That means that the approval percentage rate was roughly 35.54%. Broken down by types of crimes.  Aggravated non sex offenses were approved for Texas parole at a rate of roughly 33%, aggravated sex offenses 39%, violent not aggravated non-sex offenses 26%, non aggravated sex offense 29%, and non violent non sex offense 40%.  The overall 35.54% approval rate for Texas parole has been relatively static the entire year, the average over twelve months has been 36.10%

    The rates for mandatory supervision were higher.  In August out of the 1,564 individuals considered for Texas mandatory supervision 821 were approved for an approval rate of 52.49.  The approval rate over the twelve-month period has been 53.49.

    As you can see from reviewing the numbers even with the increased approval rates over the last five years the odds are generally stacked against an offender.  Even for mandatory supervision the chances are close to fifty-fifty.

    The Texas Parole Board has a difficult job, as you can see in the month of August they decided whether to release over 7,750 offenders.  That is a lot of information and given the amount of information they receive and must read to reach a decision we believe as Texas Parole Attorneys it can be helpful to have an advocate in the process.  As Texas Parole Lawyers we have experience making presentations to the board and will work hard to make sure they receive a clear picture of our client and all the reasons they should be paroled and will be successful on parole.  If you have any questions about the Texas parole process or about our services please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 or fill out an online contact form for a free consultation.


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