What You Need to Know about the Texas Parole Process

The Texas parole process can be daunting and complex.  A great deal of what takes place happens behind closed doors and the laws governing parole often raise more questions than answers.  In this free book about Texas parole, you will find answers to many of the questions about how an offender goes through the parole process.  Among the questions answered here are:

  1. When will an inmate be considered for parole?
  2. What can an offender do to increase their chances of getting paroled?
  3. What does parole eligibility mean?
  4. What is the parole interview?
  5. How does the parole board make their decision?
  6. What are the parole guidelines?
  7. What are common conditions of parole?



Many other aspects of the parole process are also discussed.  While it is true that parts of the parole process are unclear and somewhat vague, we believe it is helpful for those dealing with this process to understand its general structure.  We believe that our client and the people in our client’s support system are best prepared and best able to help our client when they understand the process.

In this book, I attempt to give some insights into how the Texas parole board makes its decision.  However, you should know that each board member has almost unlimited discretion to make whatever choice they feel is right.  The explanation that the parole board gives to justify a choice to either grant or deny parole is generally vague enough that they do not provide real insight.  You have probably heard stories of two offenders in almost identical cases where the board’s decisions are different.  This is why you should never trust anyone who makes any type of guarantee regarding whether an offender will be granted parole.

As Texas Parole Attorneys we have experience before the parole board and have the ability to present cases to them in a manner that we believe will maximize the chances of gaining a positive result.  We pride ourselves in being forthright about both the positive and negative aspects of a case and will give our advice on what can be done to help in a given case.  In some situations this may include hiring an expert; in others it may include specifics on what our client’s parole plan should be.  We meet and discuss the case numerous times, with both our client and their support system, in order to gain a thorough understanding of what led to the incarceration and why they will be successful on parole.  It is our belief that every offender has a specific set of complex facts that led to their incarceration, a unique set of lessons they have learned from their past and an individualized parole plan that will ensure their success on parole.  Representing an offender before the parole board cannot be done through the mail or with a form and requires gaining a deep understanding of many aspects of the case and our client’s life.

We are providing this free book to help you understand the process.  Please call us at 888-661-5030 so we can discuss our services or answer any further questions you have

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