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    I am often asked, when an offender serving a sentence for Aggravated Assault in Texas will be parole eligible.  It depends on whether or not it is a 3(g) offense.  If there was an affirmative finding of a deadly weapon the Texas offender will not be considered for parole until they have served half of the sentence.  If they received a ten year sentence they will not be eligible until they have been incarcerated for five years.  Additionally, they must serve a minimum of two years before being eligible.

    However, if there was no deadly weapon finding then the offender will be eligible for parole after receiving credit for one quarter of their sentence.

    Aggravated Assault is a serious offense.  The Parole Board treats all cases involving violence as serious matters and the percentages reflect how difficult it can be to make parole on this type of offense.  

    If you have a loved one incarcerated for aggravated assault and you believe they are ready to come home and be successful on Texas parole please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 so we can discuss the case and determine if our services would be helpful.  We have represented clients before the parole board for this offense in the past and believe that having thorough representation which includes reviewing all court records, meeting with the offender numerous times, and discussing the case with the family in order to present the parole board with a complete picture of the offender and the changes they have gone through can make a different to the board.  Please fill out an online contact form and an experienced Texas Parole lawyer will contact you shortly.  Our offices are in Houston and we practice parole law across Texas including parole law in Dallas, parole law in Austin, parole law in Odessa, and parole law in San Antonio.