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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    3g refers to a group of crimes listed in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure in section 42.12 (3)(g).  If an offender is serving a sentence for a 3g crime they must have credit for ½ of their sentence before they are eligible for parole.  If they were sentenced to ten years they will not be eligible for parole for five years.  Below is a list of 3g crimes:

  1. A crime where there is an affirmative deadly weapon finding in the judgment
  2. Capital Murder
  3. Murder
  4. Indecency with a Child by Contact
  5. Aggravated Kidnapping
  6. Aggravated Sexual Assault
  7. Sexual Assault
  8. Aggravated Robbery
  9. Injury to an Child, Disabled Person or Elderly Person
  10. Criminal Solicitation
  11. Sexual performance with a child
  12. Certain drug offenses if in a drug free zone or use of child in commission of the offense

    If you have questions about whether an offense is a 3g crime or not please contact us at 713-651-1444.  We can answer your questions related to parole eligibility and the parole process.  As experienced parole attorney’s we take many crimes where offenders are serving sentences that are classified as 3g.  The fact that a case is 3g does not mean that you or a loved one will be denied parole.  Please fill out an online contact form and an attorney will contact you shortly.