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What should I do if my son, a juvenile, was arrested in Houston? A juvenile criminal defense attorney answers


    If your son or daughter has been arrested in Houston you should call us at 713-651-1444.  We understand the emotional strain that occurs when a child is arrested, often parents are angry and sometimes tempted to let the system deal with the child.  As attorney's with experience representing juveniles we can tell you this is generally not the right course to take and it can have many unintended consequences.  We have experience representing juveniles and are familiar with the differences between the Juvenile Justice System and the adult criminal justice system.  We will defend them against the charges and use whatever tools are available to get him or her home to you as soon as possible.  No matter what the charges are or the circumstances that led to the charge your child should be represented by a criminal defense attorney who will defend their rights and protect them from the range of possible negative consequences this can have on your child’s life.  Do not make the mistake of minimizing this arrest and do not make the mistake of using a family attorney or someone not familiar with how the Juvenile Justice System works.  Please fill out an online contact form and an experience Juvenile criminal defense attorney will call you shortly.

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