Yes.  Although there are significant differences between the way Texas treats juveniles accused of crimes verses how adults are treated there are still serious potential consequences from even minor seeming crimes.  If your child has been accused of something they did not do they need an attorney who will aggressively defend them.  Additionally, the juvenile justice system is geared toward rehabilitation and often with an defense with a focus on working on the underlying problems we can resolve the case and avoid your child having a juvenile record that could hurt their future.  Having a juvenile record can impact a child’s education and thus their future.  Often families are going through a difficult period when a child is accused of a crime and sometimes feel that they should just let their child learn a lesson.  Although at times these feelings are justified there are often ways to deal with these feelings and teach these lessons while still minimizing the impact of your child’s choices on their future.      

    Although the language is different and the approach is different do not let anyone fool you, your child has been accused of a crime and needs and experienced Houston Juvenile Criminal defense attorney to defend their rights and works to ensure this mistake does not impact their future.  If your child is currently being held at the juvenile justice center we will argue for their release to your custody.  Please call us at 713-651-1444 if you have any questions regarding whether you need a lawyer to represent your child.  Fill out our secure online contact form and an experienced Houston Juvenile defense attorney will contact you shortly.  Although our office is in Houston we represent juveniles in Brazoria County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Galveston County and other surrounding counties.


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