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What happens if the Texas Parole Board votes to deny my parole?


    If the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole votes and denies an offender parole they will give the reasons why and inform of the offender of their next parole review date.  The board will choose from the general reasons for denial.  Unfortunately the reasons given often are not very informative.    Additionally, the possible grounds for appealing the boards decision are extremely slim.

    When an offender is denied parole they are given what is called a set off.  This is the amount of time their parole review has been set off.  The majority of offenders are given a one year set off although, depending on the offense, the set off can be up to five years.  The Parole Board can also vote a serve all, which would deny regular subsequent review.

    If you or loved one is incarcerated and was recently denied parole please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 or complete an online contact form for a free consultation.  We would be happy to discuss the case and what we could do to help on their next parole review date.  As Texas Parole lawyers we represent offenders who have been denied parole and often find that the board was not presented with information that could have been helpful in obtaining a positive vote.


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