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What does it mean when the Texas Parole Board gives someone a set off?


    “Set off” has become a common way that people refer to a decision by the Texas Parole Board to deny parole and set off the offender’s review date.  The majority of cases will be set off for one year, although for many serious offenses the set off is for up to five years.  If you know someone who was given a set off and you are trying to help them make parole please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030.  It is difficult and often frustrating to learn that someone you thought would be granted parole was denied.  We have represented individuals before the Texas parole board who have received one or more previous set offs and one of the first things we will do is try and determine why they were denied and then research and work to address those problems.  If you have questions about helping someone who has been denied parole please fill out an online contact form and an experienced Texas Parole attorney will call you shortly.

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