Part of the parole process in Texas is an interview conducted with a representative of the parole board called the Institutional Parole Officer.  This is the interview most people are asking about when they want to know about the parole interview.  The IPO is employed by the Texas parole board but they are not board members and do not decide if an offender is paroled or not. The IPO’s job is to compile information, which then is forwarded to the Texas Parole Board offices as part of the file the board uses to determine whether to grant parole.  This information is the case summary and an important part of putting the summary together is the interview with the offender.  Every offender who is eligible for parole and in the Texas parole process will be interviewed by the IPO.  Therefore, being interviewed by the parole officer at the prison unit means their case summary is being compiled and their file is being put together and prepared for the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

    Often offenders are made nervous by this interview.  During their discussion with the parole officer they are asked questions about past criminal history, education, employment, living situation and other matters.  While the parole officer doing the interview does not vote on whether an inmate will be granted parole, we believe it is still vital to make a good impression on the interviewer stressing what they have learned during their incarceration and to avoid minimizing or justifying past behaviors.

    If you have more questions on being interviewed by an Institutional Parole Officer and how to handle that interview please call us.  If we are hired in advance enough of the offender’s parole eligibility date we can discuss the “parole interview” with them.  We have helped families across the state of Texas with the Texas parole process and if you need help please set up an appointment to meet with us.  Although we are located in Houston we have helped families in Austin, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Dallas and McAllen Texas.

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