If you or someone you know was sentenced to two years in TDCJ of an offense labeled as 3(g) there, unfortunately, is no parole eligibility date.   Texas Parole Law dictates that an offender serving a 3(g) sentence will not become eligible for parole in less that two years.  Specifically, if someone is serving a sentence for a 3(g) offense they are eligible for parole after serving one half of their sentence day for day but “in no event is the inmate eligible for release on parole in less than two calendar years.”  

    As Texas Parole Lawyers we do not hide from difficult cases and have found that often on difficult cases there will be strategy we can employ to increase an offenders chances of making parole.  Every case is different and we offer a free consultation to discuss whether our services would be beneficial in a given case.  For a free consultation please call us at 888-661-5030.  Our offices are in Houston and our we practice parole law in Austin, parole law in Dallas, parole law in McAllen and regularly visit offenders across the State of Texas.



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