Yes, if a weapon was used in an offense an offender will become eligible for parole.  However, the fact that a weapon was used during the commission of a crime can impact when an offender will be eligible.  It depends on whether or not there is an affirmative finding of a deadly weapon in the judgment on the underlying case.  If there is an affirmative finding of a deadly weapon it is a 3(g) offense and the offender will be eligible after serving half of their sentence.  Although the offender’s time sheet will show the good time they have received it is not used in determining their parole eligibility date.  If you have questions about parole eligibility or the parole process please fill out a contact form and an experienced Texas Parole Lawyer will contact you shortly.  For a free consultation call our toll free number 888-661-5030.  Our offices are in Houston and our parole practice takes us across the State to cities such as San Antonio, Dallas, Auston, Mcallen and numerous other cities.

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