If there is any warrant out for your arrest you need a lawyer.  If there is a blue warrant out for you arrest it means your parole officer believes you violated a condition of your parole.  The parole officer has filed paperwork alleging the ways you violated parole and based on those allegation the parole board has the power to send you back to a Texas prison.  However, before they do that you have constitutionally protected rights.  You have the right to a hearing and the right to put on a defense.  Just as it would not make sense for a person to perform surgery on themselves or fly a plane if they were not a trained pilot it does not make sense to try and make it through the parole revocation process without an experienced Texas parole attorney defending your rights and doing everything within the law to help you stay free.  

    Do not wait.  A blue warrant will not disappear and if you fall off the grid it will hurt your chances of avoiding a revocation.  For a free consultation with an experienced Texas parole attorney please call 713-651-1444 or fill out an online contact form.

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