In Texas both victims and offenders can be represented before the parole board.  Not everyone is allowed to represent offenders before the Texas Parole Board.  In Texas the law states that a person who represents an inmate must be an attorney licensed in the state of Texas and registered with the Board of Pardons and Paroles.  Additionally, in order to represent an offender or parolee a lawyer is required to prepare an affidavit for each representation providing the parole board with the information they require and fulfill other yearly requirements with Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.  The system was set to curb problems of the past when there were allegations of improper actions by people representing offenders and concerns regarding families being taken advantage of.  There are criminal penalties for representing people before the parole board if the qualifications are not met.

    At Topek and Topek we are experienced Texas parole attorneys who have a history of representing offenders trying to get parole and parolees who are in danger of having their parole revoked.  Once hired we will meet with your loved one and begin the process of collecting the necessary information for a thorough representation.  We believe it is necessary to meet with our clients more than once and get to know them and the complex set of circumstances that led to their current incarceration.  The parole board handles a large number of cases every week and one of the most important aspects of our job is making sure our clients’ given full consideration and not just “rubber stamped” with others.  We will make sure they have all the possible reasons for granting parole.  If you or a loved one is going to eligible for parole please call us toll free at 888-661-5030.  Although our offices are in Houston our parole practice reaches across Texas.  We regularly represent offenders in different areas of the state and work with families in San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, McAllen, Fort Worth and numerous other cities around the state.  Please fill out our secure online contact form and an experienced Texas parole attorney will call you will answers shortly.

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