In Texas an offender does not apply for parole.  In Texas the Board of Pardons and Paroles will review an inmate when they become eligible for parole and after that at their next review dates.  There is no application process and nothing an offender or their family needs to do for the Texas parole process to begin.

    If you have any questions about the parole process please call us at 888-661-5030 to speak with an experienced Texas parole lawyer.  The parole process can be confusing and it is hard to know what you can to help and when you can do it.  Most people understand the importance of sending information to the parole board but without an attorney it can be hard to make sure they have all the right information and that they are given that information in a way that they will see it.  As parole attorneys we visit with out clients, review their current offense and criminal history, and meet and discuss matters with their support system in order to gain an in depth understanding of our client and their situation.  It is our belief that this is the only way to be effective when before the Texas Parole Board.  Please fill out an online contact form for a free consultation with an experience Texas parole attorney.

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