When we say we are Texas Parole Lawyers we mean that we practice parole law across the State of Texas.  There are six regional parole board offices in Texas and prisons are located in different areas across the State of Texas.  As Texas parole lawyers we go to each of the board locations and travel to prison units across the State of Texas.  If at all possible, to keep our costs down, we drive to the prison unit to visit our clients.  Unfortunately, if it is far away we at times will have to fly to visit an offender and that will be reflected in the price we give to you.  Since the flight is within Texas often we are able to purchase tickets in advance at a reasonable rate.  You should understand that it is our belief that the only way to represent an offender through the parole process is to meet with them several times.

    If you or a loved one is currently incarcerated and will be eligible for parole shortly please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 or fill out an online contact form for a free consultation with an experienced Texas Parole lawyer.  Additionally, we understand how overwhelming the parole process can be and we have made available a free booklet to help you.  Our offices are in Houston and we regularly practice parole law in Dallas, parole in San Antonio, parole law in Austin, and parole law in McAllen.

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