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In spite of what some may say it is impossible to represent an inmate through the parole process with meeting with them as many times as necessary in prison. We visit our clients until we reach the level of understanding necessary to represent them through this process

Seth Topek
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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    It is impossible to represent an inmate before the Texas parole board without meeting with them as many times as it takes to understand the complex circumstances that led to their incarceration and why things will be different if they are granted parole.  Representing an inmate before the parole board is like any type of legal representation, it is not possible to thoroughly represent the interest of a client without reviewing all relevant facts.  It would be like a doctor diagnosing a patient without seeing them and getting a complete report about their ailments.  It is our belief that with the large volume of cases the parole board must decide every year it easy for one case to blend in with another.  The best way to ensure that this does not happen to our clients is to provide the board with a deeper and more accurate understanding of our client than they will have of the majority of their cases.  It is necessary to provide them with the type of information they would not get from police reports or checklists provided by TDCJ.  The most important source for this information is our client.  We need as much honest information as possible so that we can differentiate our client from the majority of offenders who the board reviews.  The only way to obtain that information is from face to face meetings; it is not possible through questionnaires or letters.  We have found that through meetings with our client a deeper understanding and more nuanced picture comes forward that we are able to take and provide to the parole board to convince them that our client is ready for to be successful on parole and understands how to avoid the mistakes of their past.  It is our belief that it is not possible for a Texas parole lawyer to do this without meeting with their client.  If you have a loved one in prison and would like an experienced Texas parole lawyer to visit them please fill out our onlince contact form or call our toll free number 888-661-5030.  Our offices are in Houston and our Texas parole practice takes us to units across the state.  We represent offenders with families in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, McAllen, Galveston and other cities around the state.