We hope you find the answers to your questions about the Texas criminal justice system and the Texas parole process on our website. But, if you don’t, review the websites and articles listed here for more information. Our Texas criminal defense attorneys believe you may find the answers you seek on these pages.

Texas Parole Attorney

  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Parole Division

    The Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Parole Division supervises offenders who are serving out their sentences after being released from prison. Find out more information about the services and programs offered by reviewing the information on this website. 

  • Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

    The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles decides which offenders should be released on parole and under what conditions. You can find helpful information about the Texas parole process by visiting this website.

Theft, Burglary, and Assault Charges

  • State Bar of Texas – Criminal Justice Section

    This helpful guide for citizens answers many commonly asked questions about the Texas criminal justice process.

  • Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

    This nonprofit agency works to promote smart justice policies conducive to building stronger communities in Texas. It conducts policy research and analysis. The agency also educates people to promote effective management, accountability, and best practices to increase public safety, to save money, and to preserve human and civil rights.

Drug Charges