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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated
Posted on Jun 19, 2013

    Larry Reese was arrested this week on drug charges.  Galveston County Sherriff’s report that Special Crimes Unit investigators, investigators from the warrant division, and Texas City Police Officers served a search warrant on a Texas City home where they seized crack coke cocaine and tools used to make and sell crack cocaine.  The team seized over 16 grams of crack cocaine and over 30 grams of powder cocaine.  Mr. Reese was on parole at the time of arrest for a drug related offense that had occurred in 1990 for which he was sentenced to seventy-years.  Many people are surprised to see that someone who was sentenced to 70 years in TDCJ for an offense in 1990 could possible be out on parole less than twenty-five years later.  In fact, in looking at Mr. Reese’s criminal history it looks as if he was on parole, at least for some period of time, in 2005, fifteen years after the offense.  This is an illustration of parole eligibility.  On a seventy-year sentence for a drug related offense he would be eligible for parole after getting credit for one fourth of the sentence.  One fourth of seventy is seventeen and a half years.  However, it is possible to get credit for seventeen and half years much quicker and depending on the offender’s classification and behavior while in prison he could be eligible for parole years in advance of the seventeen and a half. 

    Topek and Topek is a full service criminal defense firm.  We regularly represent offenders in Galveston County.  If you or a loved one has been arrested for a drug related offense you need to take it seriously and hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you.  Please call us at 713 651-1444.  Our firm has a strong focus on parole law in Texas.  If you have questions regarding the parole process or how you can help someone with parole please fill out an online contact form and an experienced Texas parole lawyer will call you shortly.