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Harris County women who bites off her sister nose gets five years probation.

Seth Topek
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Posted on Apr 12, 2013

This week a Harris County woman who had been accused of biting the nose off her sister was convicted and placed on probation.  In July of 2012 her sister got involved in a heated argument between her sister and her sister’s husband.  She wanted to try and calm everyone down and deescalate the situation.  While trying to get her sister’s attention she bit her sisters arm.  The defendant at this point bit her sister’s nose off.  The nose was completely severed from her face.  Her nose was reattached after multiple surgeries.  The defendant faced a charge of aggravated assault of a family member and faced a possible twenty years in Texas prison.  The defendant claimed that her actions were done in self-defense.  Her sister testified in court and the defendant was convicted of the offense.  Prosecutors said that the defendant was a “mean angry drunk.”  The defendant had been in jail since the time of the arrest.  After being convicted aggravated assault of a family member she was placed on five years probation.  Among the conditions of her probation are that she pay her sister $62,000 and write her an apology letter.  If you want more information on assault, probation or are looking for an attorney who can represent you if you are accused of assault or violating your probation you need to contact Topek and Topek immediately.  An experienced Houston criminal defense attorney can help you.

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