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Galveston Teenagers Arrested for Burglary of a Building After Breaking Into Funeral Home

Seth Topek
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Posted on Jun 08, 2013

    Burglary of a building is a serious offense in Texas.  Two teenagers have been charged with burglary of a building in Galveston County Texas for allegedly breaking into a Galveston Funeral home.  The reason they were charged with burglary instead of trespassing is that they were attempting to steal embalming fluid from the funeral home.  Joshua Niswonger and a sixteen year old boy broke into Carnes Brothers Funeral Home at 3am.  They allegedly used keys they had stolen to enter the building but once inside the alarm went off and a neighbor called the police.  The reason they allegedly wanted embalming fluid is because it is used to make a dangerous drug called fry.  The funeral owners discovered that the teenagers were in the process of taking the wrong chemical.  Instead of embalming fluid they had targeted a highly flammable chemical.

    No one was injured during the alleged offense and no property was taken.  The case illustrates some aspects of numerous crimes committed by young offenders where drugs are involved.  At 19 Mr. Niswonger is considered an adult in the eyes of the law, his case will be assigned to a felony court in Galveston County and the outcome of the case may have a lasting impact on his life.  He faces up to two years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine.  At 16 the younger offender has been assigned to the juvenile justice system.  They both faces serious charges and should retain defense attorneys who will defend their rights and in some ways their future.  If you or someone you know has made a bad choice that led to your arrest or you are being accused of Burglary of a Building, please fill out a contact form or call us at 713-651-1444 to discuss the matter.

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