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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    “Parole packet” is the term used for the documents submitted to the Texas Parole Board on behalf of an offender.  The packet is placed in the offender’s file and given to the lead voter.  While it can be put together by family members, it is our opinion that you are better served if an attorney who understands parole law and criminal and has extensive experience with the Texas Parole Board prepares the parole packet and presents your case to the parole board.  We believe that a thorough packet can only be accomplished through extensive in person interviews with the offender, extensive discussions with the offender’s support system and a review of police and other official reports.

    Our packet will present the parole board with a complete picture of the offender, the offender’s support system, his or her background, mitigating evidence, parole plans, and the steps the offender has taken to ensure they will be successful on parole.  The parole packet includes numerous letters as well as documentation of our client’s accomplishments.  We use the packet as an opportunity to communicate to the board distinguishing characteristics of our client that show they will be successful on parole and differentiate them from other offenders.

    We give the board a deeper understanding of our client and a deeper understanding of the circumstances leading to their incarceration.  Often, the only information the board receives regarding the offense is based on the police report.  The police report presents the worst and most damaging version of what occurred and will leave out mitigating evidence and a broader picture of what led to the offense.  This broader picture is often helpful in showing how an offender has changed and what they have done to ensure they are ready to become a contributing member of their family and community.  A great deal of work goes into creating a successful parole packet.  If you have questions about the parole packet or about how you can help someone obtain a favorable parole vote please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 or fill out an online contact form and an experienced Texas parole lawyer will contact you shortly.  Our offices are in Houston and our parole practices takes across the State representing offenders with families in Houston, Austin, Dallas, McAllen, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Galveston and other cities and towns.