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    A parole packet is the information submitted to the parole board by an attorney, offender, or offender’s family that provides the Texas Parole Board with information in support of parole.  When an offender is getting close to being eligible for parole the parole division will compile a great deal of information to submit to the voters.  An Institutional Parole Officer will interview the offender, obtain information regarding their instant offense and criminal history, information about their institutional adjustment, and information regarding their plans if they are paroled.  The parole packet is meant to supplement that with information provided by the offender’s support system.  

    When we create a parole packet it includes detailed information about an offenders parole plans, numerous support letters, relevant information about their criminal history and current offense that the voters may not otherwise get, and other information that may be missing but would be helpful in making a full assessment of the offender.  Prior to writing a parole packet we do a great deal of research into all aspects of the case.  It is our belief that the best approach when creating a parole packet is to be accurate and specific when providing the voters with the reasons why a given offender should be granted parole.  Although the packet can be created by family members we believe that hiring an attorney, whether us or someone else, with experience before the parole board can be beneficial.  The parole process is confusing and for those experiencing it there is a great deal of stress involved.  We will give you an honest evaluation and discuss how we would approach the case.  Every offender’s situation is different and therefore every parole packet will be different.  If you have question about what a parole packet is or how we can help you please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030.  Please complete an online contact form and an experienced Texas parole lawyer will contact you shortly.  Our offices are in Houston and we represent offenders from Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, McAllen, San Antonio and numerous other cities around Texas.