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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    A Texas parole attorney represents individuals before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.  Most people who ask this question are asking because they want to help someone obtain a positive vote for parole so I will focus on that side of our parole work.

    In order to be released from prison before completing the sentence (except for a few exceptions) an offender must get voted out on parole or mandatory supervision by the Texas Parole Board.  The Parole Board decides a large volume of cases every week and although each case is very important to the offender and their family it is one of many cases they must review and decide each day.  As parole attorneys we do everything we can to provide the Parole Board with the strongest reasons for granting parole to our clients and communicate these reasons in a manner that the Parole Board will appreciate.  We use our years of experience before board offices around Texas to write a parole packet that will address the board’s concerns and do so in a manner that they are not overwhelmed.  Additionally, we request an interview with the lead voter.  Although, they are not required to grant our request it is our experience that the majority will give us the opportunity to make a presentation and present members of the offender’s support system to discuss why our client is an ideal candidate for parole.

    We believe that to represent an offender it is necessary to properly research a case.  This includes meeting with the client and their support system on numerous occasions, reviewing the current offense and criminal history of our client, and learning as much as possible about their personal history and the specific aspects of their life that to their incarceration.  No two offenders are the same, nor is the path that led to TDCJ, and it is our experience that the only way to present a complete picture of our client and a strong parole plan is to address the factors that led to their incarceration.

    It is our experience that by thoroughly researching a case we often discover facts that are important and that neither we, nor the parole board, may have discovered otherwise.  For instance, many offenders are incarcerated after entering a plea bargain.  As a result often the police report has inaccuracies or aspects of the case that are important are not properly explained.  We have found that in many cases providing the parole board with the additional information can be helpful.

    We have made presentations to board members across the State and have clients in units across the Texas.  If you have questions about our services or the role of a Texas Parole Lawyer please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 to speak with an experienced Texas parole lawyer.  Our offices are in Houston but we regularly represent offenders with family in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, McAllen, Fort Worth and numerous other cities.  Please fill out an online contact form and we will call you shortly.