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    In Texas if you are granted parole how long you will be on parole depends on the amount of time you have left until the end of your sentence.  An example of this is if Fred was sentenced to five years in TDCJ and was granted parole on his first parole eligibility date after serving 9 months, Fred would be on parole for four years and three.  If Fred had been sentenced to ten years and was paroled after five he would have five years of parole before completing his sentence.  

    This becomes slightly more complicated when an offender has been released on parole then revoked.  In some instances they will not receive credit for their street time.  For instance if Fred was sentenced to five years, paroled after nine months and then violated his parole and gets revoked after being on parole for one year he will not receive credit for that year.  He will return to TDCJ and if he is paroled after serving one more year upon his release he will have one year and nine months credit towards completing his sentence.  He will be finished with his parole in three years and three months.

    If you are trying to help someone get parole in Texas please call us on our toll free number 888-661-5030 we would be happy to explain our services and answer any questions you may have about the Texas parole process.


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