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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    I am often asked about why certain offenders do not have a projected release date that is the same as the maximum sentence date.  I have found that question most commonly comes from people with family members who are serving sentences for robbery or what had served a sentence for robbery in the past.  It is slightly confusing because 2nd degree Robbery is not a 3(g) offense and is not considered a 3(g) offense unless it meets one of the other qualifications.  However, it is listed as one of the offenses that make an inmate ineligible for mandatory supervision.  Mandatory Supervision is commonly referred to as an offender’s shortway date and it is an additional time that parole will consider an offender for release under supervision.  Although it is called mandatory supervision you should know that it is not mandatory, just as projected release date does not mean the date he will be released it only means the date that he will be released if he is voted out on mandatory supervision.  Offender’s who are serving time for robbery, or were convicted of it in the past, are not eligible for mandatory supervision and therefore will not have a separate projected release date.  However, robbery does not impact their parole eligibility and they will continue to be considered for parole over the course of their sentence.  If you have questions about any of this or anything related to the Texas Parole process please call our toll free number 888-661-5030 or fill out an online contact form for a free consultation.


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