It’s a frightening situation. You pick up the phone to find out that your child has been arrested for a drug crime. Is this the end of your kid’s future?

Sometimes teenagers make bad judgments and decisions. They fall in with a group of risk takers who encourage them to drink or do drugs. Being with such a group in the wrong place at the wrong time could lead to a conviction that carries long-lasting and serious consequences.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to get your child back on the right track. An effective defense to a drug charge, plus substance abuse treatment and follow-up care, could turn things completely around. The Houston, Texas, defense lawyers at Topek & Topek, Attorneys at Law, explain what you should do if you find yourself in this situation.

As soon as you find out about the arrest, contact an attorney who has experience with the juvenile justice system.

As soon as you learn about your child’s arrest, contact an attorney who understands how the juvenile justice system works. Getting in touch with an attorney early allows the attorney to best represent your child. The attorney will have time to fully investigate all the facts, to review and evaluate all police reports, and to consult with expert witnesses.

Limit outside conversations and social media discussions.

Tell your child that he or she should talk to you or to the attorney about the criminal matter and to no one else. Teenagers often over-share information. Nothing about the criminal case should be posted on any social media, or otherwise communicated to others. A post or a tweet could be used against your child.

Place your child in a drug rehabilitation program or a drug education program, if needed.

While the criminal case is important, your child’s health should be your first priority. If your child needs treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, make sure your child receives it.

Get your family the help it needs.

You may feel confused, frustrated, angry, and worried about your child’s pending drug charges. Contact someone who can give you answers and peace of mind. You may reach our experienced father-son criminal defense team by filling out an online form or by calling (888) 661-5030.