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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    If you or someone you know is in a Texas prison for a crime related to Methamphetamines and have questions regarding their parole eligibility or what you can do to help them obtain parole please contact us on our toll free number 800-661-5030.  The majority of offenders in TDCJ for a meth related case are eligible for parole after receiving credit for one quarter of their sentence.  However, if there was an affirmative finding that the offense occurred in a drug free zone they will not become eligible until they have served five years.  Under the current law in 2013, if the sentence is under five years they will not become eligible for parole.

    We have represented offenders who are incarcerated on meth related offenses.  Crystal Meth is an extremely addictive and destructive drug both to the drug user and often to their support system.  On these cases a part of our job is explaining to the parole board why in this specific case the offender is not at risk to use again if they are released on parole.  Every offender swears that they will never touch drugs again if they are paroled therefore we work hard to show the parole board that there is a strong parole plan in place that will address the problems that led to the addiction along with various other pieces of information we discover through researching our clients criminal history, support system, and personal history to provide the parole board with as many reasons as possible that exists to support the belief that our client is an excellent candidate for parole in Texas.

    If you have questions about what a Texas Parole Lawyer can do to help please call us or fill out an online contact form for a free consultation.  Our offices are in Houston Texas.  We practice parole law across the state of Texas including parole law in Dallas, Parole law in Odessa, Parole law in Austin, Parole law in Fort Bend and many other cities and towns across the state of Texas.