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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    In cases where an offender was sentenced for a crime in which a person was the victim the victim, the victim’s guardian, or the victim’s close relative will be contacted before the parole review of the offender.  Crimes where a person was the victim include aggravated robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping, felony stalking or crimes where a person has suffered bodily injury or death as a result of the offense. They will be notified that the offender is going to be considered for parole.  The victim, guardian or relative can provide a written statement to the parole panel or discuss directly with the parole panel their opinions about the offender, the crime and the effect that the offense has had.  The parole board will consider these statements when deciding whether or not to grant an offender parole. The parole board does not always hear from victims who are contacted.  The parole panel is not bound by the opinions of the victims although it should be noted that in violent offenses when victims choose to provide information the parole panel will give it a great deal of weight.  Violent crimes can have a large impact on the lives of the victim and the parole board therefore welcomes their input.

    In the majority of cases it will not be known if the victims have made a statement or what they said in their statement.   If you or someone you love is going through the parole review process in Texas please call us toll free at 888-661-5030.  We can answer any questions you may have.  Although it is more difficult to obtain a favorable parole vote on these cases we have found that after a thorough investigation there are often facts that distinguish an offender and reasons why they would be successful on parole.  These crimes happen in many different contexts not all of which should be treated the same.  Although rare, we have had a number of cases where as a result of the specific facts of the case the victim has decided to testify to the parole panel that they recommend parole be granted.  We will thoroughly investigate a case in order to show the parole board why an offender should be granted parole. We are experienced Texas parole lawyers who practice across the state.  Although our offices are in Houston we travel to prison units across Texas and represent offenders with families in Houston, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio, McAllen and many other cities across the state please fill out this secure online contact form and an experienced parole lawyer will review the information and contact you shortly.