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    We often are contacted by families soon after an offender has been sentenced to TDCJ.  They have questions about parole and about what life will be like in a Texas prison.  One of the first questions they ask is how to put money into an offender’s commissary account.  Offenders can purchase many different items from commissary such as

  1. Drinks:  soda, juice, water or coffee
  2. Foods: candy, cookies, chips, crackers, spam, tuna, chili, ramen noodles or bread
  3. Other: fans, games, headphones, vitamins, medicine, toothpaste, soap or deodorant. 

There are many ways to put money into a commissary.  You can make deposits at certain establishments, you can set up automatic debit account withdrawals through TDCJ and there are websites you can use your credit card to make deposits with.  The different methods have different fees associated with them.  Below I list many of the options.

  1. America’s Cash Express
  2. Checking account debit
  3. MoneyGram Express Payment
  4. JPAY
  5. TouchPayment Systems
  6. Western Union
  7. eCommDirect
  8. Money Order or Cashier Check

    Specific instructions can be fount on the TDCJ website by clicking here.  As Texas parole lawyers we work across the state of Texas.  If you a loved one who is entering TDCJ and have questions regarding parole please download the free booklet we provide.  You can also fill out an online contact form or call us on our toll free number for a free consultation with an experienced Texas parole lawyer.