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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated


    Nothing will happen just because you were arrested for possession of marijuana.  However, if you are convicted of possessing marijuana in Houston it will impact your Texas Drivers License.  You need a criminal defense attorney to defend you in order to avoid these consequences.  Call us at 713-651-1444, you may think your case is hopeless but you deserve to have an experienced criminal defense attorney defend your rights and work to ensure the best outcome.  Often people think marijuana is not a big deal and think they can just pay a fine and move on with their life.  Putting aside the consequences of having a criminal record follow you for the rest of your life, pleading guilty and having a conviction for possession of marijuana will have the immediate consequences to your driver’s license.  According to DPS:

  1. Your driver’s license will be suspended for at least 180 days.
  2. You will be required to complete a 15 hour Drug Education Program.  You will be unable to obtain a drivers license until this course is completed even if the suspension is completed.
  3. You will have to pay a reinstatement fee of $100 before the state will issue a driver’s license
  4. You will have to obtain proof of insurance, a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate otherwise know as SR-22 from an authorized insurance company and it must be maintained for two years after the date of conviction.

    Not all defense attorneys explain these consequences.  Before you decide to plead guilty in order to just pay a fine or because you don’t want to go to court more than you have to, you should understand these consequences.  Not being able to drive or having to obtain an occupational license can severely impact you, your job and your family.  Additionally, the requirements in place that you have to meet prior to getting your license back can be a burden financially and personally.  If you include the wide-ranging direct consequences of having a criminal record of any kind you should understand that it is in your interest to hire a defense attorney who will fight to defend you and will work hard to avoid these harsh consequences.  Please fill out an online contact form and an experienced marijuana criminal defense attorney will contact you shortly.