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Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending the Rights of the Accused and the Incarcerated

    If you are accused of Evading Arrest in Houston Texas you need an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney to aggressively protect your rights and defend you against the allegations.  Although evading arrest on foot is a misdemeanor and not a felony you face the possibility of jail time, a fine, and a potentially devastating criminal history.  To convict you of Evading Arrest or Detention on foot the prosecutors must prove that you intentionally fled from a person you knew was a peace officer who was attempting to lawfully arrest or detain you.  That sentence creates numerous possible defenses such as:

  1. Did you actually flee?
  2. Were you aware that the person trying to detain you was a peace officer?
  3. Was the arrest or detention lawful?
  4. Was the peace officer actually arresting or detaining you?

    If you or a loved one has been accused of Evading Arrest or Detention in Houston Texas please fill out an online contact form and an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney will contact you shortly.  Call us at 713-651-1444 for a free consultation or to answer any questions you have and to discuss your case.