If you face a criminal charge for theft, burglary, or assault, you likely face serious consequences. Knowing that so much is at stake may make you feel nervous and anxious. But, rather than calling your attorney every 15 minutes to ask if your case has been dismissed, you should channel your energy in a way that will help your attorney best represent you. The Houston criminal law team at Topek & Topek, Attorneys at Law, explains how to be a good client.

1. Have reasonable expectations.

A criminal defense lawyer is not a magician. He cannot make charges just go away. Understand that your attorney will advocate zealously for your position, but that he cannot guarantee the outcome you may desire.

2. Cooperate.

Even if you feel unjustly served by the justice system, understand that your attorney is working for you and is on your side. The best way to get positive results is to be cooperative and honest.

3. Be patient.

Criminal cases take time, and there may be periods when nothing seems to be happening. This is normal.

4. Pay your bills on time.

Your attorney will thank you for it!

5. Listen and be receptive.

Your attorney understands the criminal justice system and how it works. Your attorney also knows about criminal laws and punishments. If you’ve hired the right attorney, you should trust your attorney’s judgment and feel comfortable going along with your attorney’s recommendations.

6. Be accessible.

Your attorney will need to get in touch with you. Make sure you respond to any messages as quickly as you can. If your contact information changes, let your attorney know.

7. Be polite to the office staff.

These people are part of your legal defense team, too. Treat them kindly and with respect.

Following these tips will help your criminal defense attorney prepare the best defense possible.

By following these tips, you can help your attorney do his job. To speak to a Houston, Texas, criminal defense lawyer, contact our experienced father-son criminal defense team by filling out an online form or by calling (888) 661-5030. We regularly defend clients who face theft, assault, or burglary charges.